MQC Fusion Split Top Swinger CommDock


The Fusion Split Top Swinger CommDock is an all-in-one TPU printed solution for mounting all of your communications systems horizontally and cleanly into the rear of your MQC Fusion Split Top airframe. It provides an SMA hole for your VTX to mount through (taking the stress off of the board-side connection) and two mount points for antenna tubes (not included) to accommodate today’s most popular receiver types at a 45 degree separation.

Installing this solution is as easy as snapping it down onto the rear right standoff allowing it to swing in and snap into place. A single wire tie can then be used to secure the components to the mount. It can swing out, or even be removed to service the components without removing the rear top plate of the FUSION Split Top.



Dry Weight: 6g
Designer: MQC

CommDock printed in TPU


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