Omnivision 5.8ghz 3-Lobe Stubby Antenna


Omnivision Antennas 3 lobe stubby antennas are hand built in the USA with video quality and durability first in mind. Available in both Right and Left hand polarization (RHCP, LHCP) The 3 lobe works best as a video transmitter antenna paired with another antenna with matching polarization.

Each antenna is built using a high quality RG-405 coaxial cable with a reinforcement collar at the SMA connector allowing the antenna to be as flexible as possible in a crash yet maintain its shape while in the air. The antennas feed point and lobe solder joints are reinforced with a low dielectric polyamide hot melt which relieves any stress to those vulnerable areas in a crash.

Unheard of in the industry, the stubby 3 lobe antenna now comes with a 6 month crash replacement warranty! If you manage to destroy any of the antennas lobes beyond a usable repair within 6 months of purchase send the antenna to Omnivision Antennas along with proof of purchase and either a picture or video of the crash carnage and we will replace it for you.



Gain: 1.4dBic
Axial Ratio: .60
Beamwidth: 5.7ghz-5.9ghz
Length: 50mm
Weight: 7g

Shipping Note: These MUST be shipped via USPS Priority so that they are protected in a box versus a padded envelope.


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