Meet the MQC M3. Half carbon fiber, half TPU* – and 100% FUN! These 130mm airframes have been designed to take all the abuse that 3″ props can dish out and then some – making it the PERFECT micro quad to build when graduating from the popular Inductrix/Tiny Whoop quadcopter.

The MQC M3 uses a standard size flight controller (30.5 spacing), a standard sized FPV cam (1177), VTX, and receiver. This means the avid pilot that has plenty of “spare” parts lying around can build a new quad without breaking the bank.

The POD contains mounting areas for all three of the video components, so there is no question as to how to get your M3 up and in the air ASAP. When it’s time to perform routine maintenance, you’ll enjoy the removable POD lid that provides easy access to the components inside so a complete teardown is not required.

We have been racing these through warehouses and beating them up in our yards and have been LOVING having the different color options to help better keep track of “who’s who” while in the air. Throw a single LED inside the POD to add a glow to your build – PERFECT for night flying!

Made in the USA

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Material: 3K twill matte carbon fiber with Limited Lifetime Warranty
Prop Support: 3″
Airframe Size: 130mm
Dry Weight: 47g
AUW: < 249g (with 3s – 850mah lipo)

Hardware: All metal bolts and nuts with aluminum standoffs, TPU spacers for the FC stack
Body: Bottom Plate, TPU POD
Accessories: MQC Decal

Motors: 1306/1407 @ 3600-4100kv
ESCs: 20amp with BLHeli 14+
Props: 3″ 3045 Tri Props
Lipo: 500-850mah 3s-4s
Vtx: 200mw
Receiver: D4R-II / X4RSB or smaller
FPV cam: HS1177 or similar sized camera with a 2.1 lens
Lipo Strap: 16mm wide supported
FC: Naze32 / Cyclone / F3 Variant / KOMBINI Flight Controller
(mounting holes are present for smaller FCs – BYO standoffs)

*TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) n. A hybrid material – a mixture between hard plastic and soft silicone. A very dense and smooth rubber, made to slide in and out of the pocket, without attracting lint. Bad ass and extremely durable.


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